Tim Riddle

“The powers that be in the music industry love to tell ambitious and adventurous emerging independent artists to pick a side. You can’t do an album of both jazz and blues, they say, because it might confuse listeners. And the problem is? Digging into the joyful jazz, powerhouse blues funk and all the mood swings involved in the happy schizophrenia that drives Between The Lines is a delightfully rewarding experience for listeners who really want to take the time to get to know the real Riddle. Thanks to Stevie Ray and Wes and all the other jazz and blues cats he loved, the guitarist unabashedly shares his love for it all without limiting himself. His playing is crisp, refined and where appropriate explosive, and his ensemble of veterans lives up to his description of them as a dream group. It’s a truly remarkable and fun listen for those who dare to live and listen Between The Lines.” – Jonathan Widran

“An excellent jazz guitarist, based in Florida, Riddle is in top form throughout Between The Lines. The music, comprised of eight originals, is primarily straight-ahead jazz but covers a wide range of music. For this project, Riddle is joined by a particularly strong supporting cast. James Pappas takes colorful solos on both piano and organ, bassist Dave Anderson and drummer Andrea Valentini are swinging in support of the lead voices and there are some featured spots for trumpeter Steve Jankowski and tenor-saxophonist Ken Gioffre. In addition, flutist Doug DeHays helps out during the ensembles of “Sunset Key” as does Rob Papparozzi on harmonica on the title cut. Between The Lines is full of top-notch jazz, contains no slow moments and serves as an excellent introduction to the talented and versatile guitarist Tim Riddle.” - Scott Yanow, author of 11 books on jazz including The Great Jazz Guitarists and Jazz On Record 1917-76